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Live a debt-free, stress-free life

Take control of your finances and learn the science of sound money decisions

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How Refyne can help you become financially free

features 1 Easy access to liquidity
features 2 Timely availability of funds
features 3 Hassle-free paperwork
features 1 No high interest charges
features 1 Get financial coaching
features 1 Multilingual support
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Free yourself from financial insecurity with Refyne’s financial wellness suite

salary on demand
Salary On Demand Salary On-Demand

Access your earned income real-time, before pay day

salary on demand No interest fees
salary on demand No repayment
salary top up Salary Top Up

Unlock additional liquidity anytime in the month

salary top up Funds Upto 1.5x of salary
salary top up Quick disbursal
salary top up
Money Guru
Money Guru Money Guru

Get financial advice from certified financial planners

money-guru Break debt cycles
money-guru Learn to save and invest
Pocket Insurance Pocket Insurance

Protect yourself from life’s setbacks

money-guru Insure against common mishaps
money-guru Stay secure in event of job loss
Pocket Insurance

Be the company that nobody wants to leave